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Welcome to treehill_lims, a Last Icon Maker Standing community for the TV show One Tree Hill.

→ You need to be a member of the community to be able to participate.
→ Your icon needs to fit the LJ standards (100x100px, under 40kb and a png./.jpg/.gif format).
→ For each challange you need to vote for lesser quality and better quality icons and the icon
maker with the most negative votes will be eliminated. The positive votes make up for the
negative ones.
→ There will be a mod's choice to each challange, along with the people's choice.
→ When there are only 3 participants left it's time for the final round where we decide who is
the last icon maker standing.
→ Each session your will get one 'skip' when signing up and another one if you promote the
community. The skip will be used if you do not enter an icon for a challange. If you have no
skips left and still do not enter an icon you will be eliminated.

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